"Bespoke Forged"

Personalized Design. Vehicle-Specific Engineering. The Ultimate Custom Wheels Experience For You.

Why choose bespoke forged

For a truly unique experience in creating your own set of custom wheels.
For the chance to collaborate with our team of experts in creating your own set of wheels.
For complete control over every detail of the wheel design.
For custom car builds, custom wheels that are built to match you specific needs.
For vehicles with discontinued wheels or hard-to-find specifications - we can build to spec.
…And the list goes on. Curious? Reach out to us and ask any questions you have today!


We offer the cutting edge in engineering tech and software in order to best bring your ideas to life.


Trying to explain and develop a visual idea in your head can feel like translating into a language you don’t speak - frustrating and ultimately inaccurate. Using parametric CAD software, our designers render 3D models of your concept to aid the visualization process, and tweak it based on your feedback until it looks exactly how you imagined it.


The models aren’t just for looks. We use them to implement weight reduction and performance strategies, assessing and modifying features against design intent. We run them through rigorous computer simulations in order to stress-test your design, pinpoint potential stress-points, predict it’s performance and ensure it is in compliance with all safety standards. The end result is a totally optimized wheel.


Your wheels are created to spec using high-precision CNC Machining that surpasses the accuracy, capacity and reliability of human hands. We use forged 6061-T6 aerospace-grade aluminum alloy - aluminum favoured for it’s strength-to-weight ratio, alloyed with magnesium and silicon and other metals for increased stress, corrosion and crack resistance and better formability. Hand finished to your specifications to create your customized wheels.



From visualizing the initial concept to the final production of the wheel, we’ll be there every step of the way to help you design your wheels from scratch, to the exact requirements you need and want.



Send us an email at info@jccustomforged.com or give us a call to discuss your idea. Our team will help you determine the sizing for your wheels, and together begin fleshing out your idea into a realized design.



Once the preliminary concept is complete, the designer will create it into a 3D model. This will allow you to visualize the final product, and for the designer to run it through the computer tests and simulations. Based on your feedback and the test outcomes, the design will be altered and optimized until it complies with safety standards and also meets your approval.



Once tested and optimized, the finalized design is sealed and secured and sent to the manufacturer for production. The wheels are finished and inspected for quality control before being shipped out to you. You will receive your personalized bespoke forged wheels in no time and enjoy the benefit of significantly improved vehicle handling and aesthetics.

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