Our Story

In 2019, a small team of engineers in Vancouver, Canada had a vision.

Automotive enthusiasts with engineers' eyes for skillful design, they had grown disillusioned with the poor construction and selection of Canadian aftermarket wheels. What if, they wondered, they could not only offer quality aftermarket wheels to car enthusiasts, but involve them in the process of designing the wheels as well? What if they could help them create their idea of the perfect wheel?  This was the birth of JC Custom Forged Wheels.

Our Service

We believe that a wheel’s function does not have to compromise its form, and reflect this in all of our designs. Whether you have an SUV, sports car or otherwise exotic vehicle, our team can help you find the perfect fit for your ride from our collection, or help you bring your idea to life through our Custom Bespoke Service. Every wheel we create represents the finest in aftermarket performance and luxury wheels, and is made to unlock your cars performance potential, maximize its handling, and have you driving the streets in style with your aftermarket rims.


The process starts from the ground up. It begins in the shop, and doesn’t end until the rubber hits the pavement. Our goal is to incorporate our passion for creation, innovation, craftsmanship and all things automotive into every wheel we make. However, our ambitions don’t stop there. We’re determined to become leaders in the wheel industry, and to offer the highest quality wheels available on the Canadian aftermarket. Yes, we are a young company, but we aren’t shy about it - our ingenuity and fresh ideas set us apart!


Some of the best drives are the ones where you take off on the open road, no plan or destination. However when you have a goal in mind, you need to chart a course. Here’s where we came from, where we’re headed, and how we’re going to get there.

July 2019Brand Established

JC Custom Forged was established as a brand, and the initial team is created among four friends. There were no riches or investment capital, only four ordinary people with dreams and a shared passion for cars.

February 2020Qualified Manufacturer Selected

After extensive vetting and sample-testing, we selected a manufacturer in Asia that can meet our thorough standards and demand.

july 2021Debut of JCCF Design Collection

After a year of successfully running the Bespoke Forged Project, we launch the first JC Custom Forged designed collection - the P-FS Performance Series.

June 2022First Major Business Expansion

We plan on our first major business expansion in early 2022. A bigger showroom and shop will allow us to offer measuring and in-house services.

June 2025Achieving in-house Machining

Our ultimate goal - achieving in-house manufacturing capabilities by Summer 2024. This is the final step in having complete control of production and finishing to ensure that every aspect of our wheels is truly made in Canada, and truly JC Custom Forged. But our goal does not end here, we have a lot more things planned for the future

November 2018 JCCF Wheel Brand Idea Conceived

The humble beginnings. The first inkling of a Canadian custom luxury and performance wheel brand was conceived and fleshed out.

August 2019Search for Qualified Manufacturer Commenced

With advanced skillsets in engineering and computer science, the team is able to produce the designs, but had no ability to manufacture them in-house. The search across continents for a qualified manufacturer commenced.

April 2020Soft Launch

JC Custom Forged had soft-launched to address the practical aspects of details and logistics.

March 2022Open Showroom

We are going to open our first showroom and shop in the Lower Mainland, right here in BC, Canada.

November 2023Achieving in-house Finishing

We aim to make in-house finishing possible by the end of 2023. However this requires us to accumulate a significant amount of capital. It can only be made possible with our fellow car lovers and investors who support our business!



At JC Custom Forged Wheels, we employ multiple approaches to ensure our wheel designs are optimized for each and every vehicle. Each design undergoes many iterations and rigorous simulation testing to ensure it meets our standards of safety before it is released for production.

CAD Modeling

We use parametric CAD software to design our wheels, allowing precision modelling to be within 0.01mm, and for us to easily assess and modify features against the design intent and the predicted outcome throughout the process. Every design will pass through multiple drafts until the look is perfect.

Design Optimization

When the core design is finalized, our designer begins enhancing the performance and look. Each set of wheels is designed with specific weight reduction strategies in mind, such as spoke hollowing and weight reduction pocketing. Concavity or dish depth is optimized as per client's request. Brake clearance will also be verified to make sure mounting the wheels will be hassle-free.

Finite Element Analysis

Before going into production, the designer will perform computer simulation tests - Finite Element Analysis -  to make sure all applicable JLW, VIA and TUV safety standards are met. The highly predictable mechanical properties of forged 6061-T6 aluminum alloy allow us to pinpoint potential stress points in the wheel and predict its performance with FEA to an exceptional degree of accuracy.


We have vetted numerous manufacturers across North America and Asia in order to partner with one that can meet our strict product standards. Our eventual goal is to bring wheels manufacturing to Vancouver and gain complete control over production from the start to the final packaging. We appreciate everyone's support on this journey to become the very best Canadian aftermarket wheel manufacturer.

Figure 1. High-speed vertical milling centre array.

Figure 2. After milling is complete, the artisan hand-cleans and polishes the wheel surface to prepare the wheel for finishing.

Figure 3. Centre-piece of multi-piece modular wheel - milling of the weight reduction pockets was completed.

Figure 4. Forgings after the initial lathe process. Next, the spoke details will be milled out.

Figure 5. A lathed forging next to a freshly milled out wheel.

Figure 6. Forgings set up in the CNC milling centre, waiting to be processed.

Figure 7. Freshly milled out wheel inside the vertical milling centre.

Figure 8. A well-stocked forging storage area.