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Typical OEM (and most aftermarket) wheels, made by pouring molten aluminum into a mould. Casting is inexpensive and allows for mass production of low-cost alloy wheels. However this method creates very porous metal - air pockets inside the metal reduce it’s structural integrity. Not only are cast wheels weaker, but in order to compensate for the weaker metal they must be reinforced with thicker spokes and extra material, making them heavier as well. Under high loads or impact, they will crack - resulting in catastrophic failure. In addition, added mass to the wheel also greatly reduce handling of the vehicle and feedbacks from the road surface.

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Machine-forged wheels are made from a single forged aluminum block (a forging). It is subjected to immense heat and pressure, changing the very properties of the metal - compressing it, eliminating air pockets, aligning grain structure and improving uniformity. This is the effect of forging. It is then shaped through multiple steps of precision CNC machining into the selected design. The resulting wheels are significantly stronger than cast wheels, lighter than rotary forged wheels, and far more capable of handling a spirited driving style and track use. This is what we make at JC Custom Forged. Since every set of wheels are made to order, the customization possibilities on them are endless.

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Also known as rotary forged, flow formed wheels begin their lives as cast wheels, specifically cast with a shortened barrel. The barrel is pressed against a heated hydraulic roller and spun, compressing and stretching it, decreasing the porosity and improving the quality of the metal. While they weigh less than cast wheels and have similar strength to forged wheels in barrel, flow formed wheels cannot quite match the strength-to-weight ratio (and resulting freedom in design choices) of machine-forged wheels.



Made from aerospace-grade, forged 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, our wheels are engineered with optimal strength-to-weight ratios in mind through every step of their design. The excellent mechanical properties of the forged 6061-T6 allow us to exceed strength requirements while using less material - resulting in both the lightest and the strongest wheels of the three manufacturing methods.


We don’t construct lightweight aftermarket wheels just because we can. Less unsprung weight and rotational mass under your suspension means improvements in performance across the board - from braking, accelerating, fuel economy, comfort and handling, to how it feels when you take that corner on the track.


The strength and quality of our metal permits more complex and sophisticated designs than standard wheels. Our wheel designs go through months of fine-tuning before release, and range from classic, racetrack-inspired homage to more modern, aggressive styles.


Tuba Sonmez
- Customer

"I was looking to purchase a set of bespoke forged wheels (Two-Piece)  from JC Customs. This company and their products are very good quality. Truly exceptional team! I had no idea about rim sizes or what exactly I wanted. Their team knew exactly what I was looking for when I described it to them. Before JC Customs, I was not a fan of aftermarket wheels. This company changed that!"

Arsalan Schaigan
- Customer

"Love the team at JC Customs Forged, Alan and John are both very kind and helpful about fitments and offsets! Very reasonable pricing compared to marked up brands while they offer an exceptional product 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼"

Anand B
- Customer

"Business like it used to be - the owner is a customer minded professional who knows the specialty (not a corporate lackey in a branded polo).  I was able to get great rims at a very competitive price and they are able to hook up a special request that was most appreciated.  Thanks!"

Farshad Felfelian
- Customer

"I would highly recommend it! Fast, friendly, great, professional service and advice at the highest level. I had a problem with the selection of wheels and fitments for my car, and here I got all the necessary information!"

Kirtpal Kaler
- Customer

"I’ve had my wheels custom built by Alan and the team and they turned out beyond my expectations. I was able to get the ideal look and the ideal fit for my project car, and had nothing but positive feedback from the car scene. If your interested in the wheels I got check out my Instagram @RainCity_5.0"